Learner drivers on motorways legal from 4th June 2018

Learner drivers are to be allowed on motorways from 4th June this year. Good decision or bad decision time will only tell.

There are a few good instructors out there whom i know will be very careful indeed as to evaluate when their pupil is ready for motorway training.

However there are a LOT of bad instructors who will see this as a bit of a jolly in other words a 3 or 4 hour lesson driving in a straight line. Some instructors will allow themselves to be persuaded to taking the pupil on to the motorway when the pupil is no where ready for it, thats going to be a potential problem.

In my opinion and of other professional instructors this should not be happening, what should happen is the pass plus training programme should become compulsory  instead of voluntary say within a year of passing the driving test.


What do you think???


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