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Nervous Drivers

I am also a qualified hypnotherapist so if any potential pupil whether learning with me or simply getting anxious before a driving test i can certainly help you find that confidence you need.  

New Highway Code Rules

The new highway code rules concerning pedestrians at junctions has not been thought through at all it seems as more pedestrians will be killed or badly injured. When turning into or out of a junction if a pedestrian is waiting to cross normally at the mouth of the road drivers must stop and let them […]

Changes to the Highway Code

From January 29 th 2022 changes are being made to the Highway Code that will affect every person in the country. When turning left if a pedestrian is waiting to cross the road then road users will have to give way to them. This is going to cause injury and deaths to pedestrians for the […]

Appropriate Speed

What does the term Appropriate Speed mean to you ?? I think this is a question we should all ask ourselves, what it should mean is : Am i driving at a speed which enables me to not only see everything thats happening in front of me but am i able to stop in plenty […]

Road surfaces

As you will have already realised, probably to your cost, the roads in Sussex and the UK generally are in an extremely bad way due to the lack of maintenance despite costing motorists thousands per year in , road tax, fuel duty, VAT, council tax etc. I find it strange that driving skills have to […]

Bullying Drivers

Some drivers of 4×4 vehicles especially the very large ones lately seem to just bulldoze their way through meeting traffic situations as if it is their god given right to do so, they seem to act as if they always have right of way and us mere mortals have to wait for them. This is […]

Winter Driving

Another winter is upon us with the usual risks, however this year the risks seem greatly worse than normal in the form of potholes, roads breaking up and crumbling away at the sides in the centre in fact all over a lot of our roads. I saw a comment on Face book recently it said […]

Summmer Driving

With summer on its way it is a great time to start your driving lessons windows down shades on and away we go. For experienced drivers with hang ups like parking, overtaking fears now is a good time to get in touch and brush up those driving skills.

New driving test changes

From the 4th December the driving test will change, no longer will the test candidate have to demonstrate the turn in the road or reverse around a corner although good instructors will still teach these skills as they enhance reversing skills and enable drivers to turn the car around. The candidate will now be  expected […]