Middle aged and Older drivers

Middle aged and older drivers,

Have you had a near miss lately?

Do you feel confident and competent with your driving?

Ask yourself this question “Could my driving be improved”?
If you are honest with yourself the answer will
be yes it certainly could be improved.

It is well worth spending an hour or so with a
good instructor i will guarantee you will be shocked at the amount of learning that will take place.

Better still why not take an advanced course, this will really enhance your driving skills and keep you
and every one around you safe.

You will be trained to read the road and truly anticipate hazards,
this could also get you a discount on your insurance.

You may think you are safe but are you really SAFE?????

Would,nt it be nice to take pride in your driving again rather than it being a chore.
Take the opportunity to vastly improve your safety on the roads show your passengers that even if you are middle aged or an older driver you are proactive in keeping up to date with the ever changing road and traffic conditions call today.

You know it makes sense.