A lot of people wanting driving lessons for themselves, a child or spouse make their first question how much do you charge? Which in some ways is understandable in these days of tight budgets, and we all like a bargain don’t we? However more importance should be placed on how good is the instructor, is he going to teach me or my child or spouse to be an excellent safe driver who is able to deal with any situation they may be confronted with, bearing in mind they will possibly be driving into their 70’s or 80’s. Rather than just being able to pass a driving test.

I work sensible hours which keeps me fresh and alert, a lot of instructors work much longer hours some of them 7 days a week until 11pm. If you have one of these people teaching you do you think you will get the instructors full and undivided attention? Of course you won’t, they will be too tired.

Ask questions when looking for a driving instructor, it makes sense.

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Thank you steve for all of your patience and hard work, my world has been opened up now i can go where i like and when i please.

I am looking forward to my pass plus next month. Thanks again Steve.


March 19, 2015