Road surfaces

As you will have already realised, probably to your cost, the roads in Sussex and the UK generally are in an extremely bad way due to the lack of maintenance despite costing motorists thousands per year in , road tax, fuel duty, VAT, council tax etc. I find it strange that driving skills have to be extremely good to pass the driving test, our cars have to be checked at an MOT station every year, so are we all safe ? of course not we have to be good drivers, have safe cars, be insured all these rules laid down by government, and quite right too. Then why are we given unsafe and dangerous roads to drive on ? I find it ironic that we are in this situation, ive always said there are no dangerous roads only dangerous drivers that is until now. We should be looking as far ahead as possible when we drive which most people know, however there are so many potholes now and they are very deep that you need to be looking in front of the car as well so much so that is the only place some drivers are looking resulting crashes. I can only suggest writing to the county council and your MP not just once but every week until they get sick and tired of the same thing. What else can we do? suggestions please.