New driving test changes

From the 4th December the driving test will change, no longer will the test candidate have to demonstrate the turn in the road or reverse around a corner although good instructors will still

teach these skills as they enhance reversing skills and enable drivers to turn the car around. The candidate will now be  expected to be able to drive or reverse into a parking bay either between the white lines or between two cars and reverse out safely. You may be asked to parallel park or  you may be asked to pull up on the  right safely reverse back two car lengths and drive on. These are the manoeuvres that are tested however only one will be demonstrated in the driving test.

The show me tell me questions are changing in as much as you will be required to demonstrate operating one or more switches on the move.

These changes are nothing to worry about as indeed as a driver you should be able to carry the tasks out with ease.

White Lines

You may have noticed how the road markings are slowly but surely disappearing from our roads due to wear and tear. It is obvious that the

county council either do not know, and do not care that as a result of this wear and tear our roads are becoming more dangerous day by day.

Take for example give way lines especially at crossroads a driver may think they have the right of way causing a crash. When i am teaching now i tell

the pupil to look for the remnants of the give way lines, the road markings were put on the roads for a reason in the first place so why are they allowed to wear out

making our roads more dangerous? your guess is as good as mine.