Pass Plus

Advancing your skill

The Pass Plus scheme is a course that you should take after the driving test has been passed.

The aim of this course is to further your driver education by teaching you to drive motorways and dual carriageways correctly and safely. It also enhances greatly the confidence in normal day-to-day driving you will already have achieved.

My Pass Plus course starts at 8 am when we discuss the course in greater depth, then drive the course which lasts for 6 hours during which we have a couple of breaks for coffee and lunch. The halfway stop is at Tolworth in surrey having left the M25 at junction 8 we return to the M25 via junction 10 and drive toward Hastings with your confidence and knowledge growing all the while.

Completing this course will not only increase your driving skills and confidence but should give you a financial gain in obtaining a generous amount off your insurance premiums, therefore extremely good reasons for taking the course.

What’s Included

  • 6 hour course
  • Motorway driving
  • Dual carriageway driving
  • Day-to-day driving
  • Rest breaks for coffee and lunch
  • Potential insurance saving