Appropriate Speed

What does the term Appropriate Speed mean to you ??

I think this is a question we should all ask ourselves, what it should mean is : Am i driving at a speed which enables me to not only see everything thats happening in front of me but am i able to stop in plenty of time if i need to, given the situation on the road and my surroundings ?

You cant put a number in mph on appropriate speed, always ask yourself the above question and adjust your speed as necessary.

Scan the road as you drive including the pavements moving your eyes from left to right, also imagine your windscreen has a halfway horizontal line through it, above the line is the future because we need to look as far ahead as possible, and below the line is the present, which is what is happening in front of the car right now. If you practice this method of observation you will be ready for anything always.

Beware the potholes dont take all of your attention, the roads are in a diabolical state at the moment so slow right down and pick your safest route through the rubble observing all the time and you hopefully wont damage your car or worse.

The winter will be upon us soon so practice Appropriate Speed and all will be well, it is not speed that kills, it is inappropriate speed that kills.

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