New Highway Code Rules

The new highway code rules concerning pedestrians at junctions has not been thought through at all it seems as more pedestrians will be killed or badly injured.

When turning into or out of a junction if a pedestrian is waiting to cross normally at the mouth of the road drivers must stop and let them cross, when turning left this is going to result in rear end shunt, waiting drivers will get angry and overtake, when driving out of a junction giving way to a pedestrian will put them in danger, say if your turning left and the pedestrian has started to walk across a vehicle on your right may not see them and make contact with them, if they get across to the opposite lane a vehicle may not see them in time especially if their speed is too high.

We should leave the risk assessment of crossing roads to the pedestrian as stopping for them would lead to confusion and hesitation both of which are dangerous on our roads which lets face it are dangerous enough given the lack of repairs.



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