Winter Driving

Another winter is upon us with the usual risks, however this year the risks seem greatly worse than normal in the form of potholes, roads breaking up and crumbling away at the sides in the centre in fact all over a lot of our roads. I saw a comment on Face book recently it said : At one time we used to drive on the left, we now drive on the parts of the road that are left. Says it all really don,t you think?

Be extremely careful out there this winter especially in the dark afternoons and evenings as another problem is raising its ugly head again, the lack of white lines. The white lines are wearing out at an alarming rate and are not being replaced so if you are in an unfamiliar area take a bit more time to make sure you are in the correct position on the road, look for roundabouts, mini roundabout markings have all but disappeared in my town (Hastings) i witnessed three separate occasions last week cars treating a mini roundabout as a T junction and consequently three near misses obviously those drivers should have taken more care but we all know some drivers are simply not paying attention but had the roundabout been more clearly marked then i,m sure these incidents would not have occurred.

I wrote to Rupert Clubb who is in charge of transport at East Sussex county council pointing out the details i have already stated here, some 14 days later i received a letter back from him without even a mention of white lines, so much for a caring county council with road safety staying at the bottom of their priorities. Why not email Rupert Clubb at east sussex county council, bombard him with complaints about white lines and pot holes and the lack of any road maintenance and see if we can get him to at least have a look at the awful state of our roads these days, but dont, hold your breath.

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