Safety Post Driving Test

I have just helped out at the scene of an accident involving a motorcycle and a car.

The young man laying on the ground with his shin bone broken and pushed through his flesh and indeed right through his jeans was very frightened of what was happening  and about to happen to him.

As i held his hand and spoke to him in an effort to give him some comfort and help him relax as much as i could the memory of a telephone call i had taken this morning came flooding back to me.

The pupil on the phone was asking me if they could book a driving test, this is despite having failed three driving tests previously with another instructor  through nervousness and a lack of confidence.

I am trying to build confidence in this pupil and making some headway, however instead of trying to hurry and possibly getting through the test by the skin of their teeth more energy should be put into building that confidence up so that drivers can deal properly and correctly with any given situation. There are enough dangerous and selfish drivers also pedestrians glued to their phones out there  so let,s not add to them.

Accidents are avoidable all it it takes is observation, observation, and a damn sight more observation, so please think about learning to drive safely, we are all human and make mistakes including ME but we need to try much harder, look ahead more, drive at an appropriate speed and start SIGNALLING again you are not the only road user we SHARE the roads.

So think on the next person laying in the road could be you, your mother, father ,sister, brother or wife or husband. The roads are not safe given the potholes and lack of white lines and signage being hidden behind overgrown trees, so do your bit look for any vehicle at juctions including bikes. IF YOU DON,T LOOK FOR IT YOU WONT SEE IT.

I sincerely hope you make a full recovery Ian my thoughts are with you.

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