latest punishment for phone use in vehicles

Although it is a good thing to move in the direction of higher penalties especially for phone use while driving, in my view we need to be even tougher.

I have seen some very vivid photographs of crashes caused as a result of either talking on the phone or texting whilst driving and they make my stomach turn.

The reason for more people using phones whilst driving is simple, there are not enough traffic or patrol police on our roads as a result of the cuts. This leads people to think they can get away with this offence, and therein lies the problem, a lot of drivers think it is their right to do this and they do NOT see it as an offence they do NOT realise or do not CARE that they are putting you and i and your family in great danger.

So what is the answer ? well that’s easy, we must get tougher, what i would suggest is this: get caught the first time then the car should be seized for one month and the license taken for one month and six penalty points added, after the month is up the driver should pay for the car being kept and the cost of the seizure and the police time taken to deal with the offender. Get caught a second time and a 6 month ban and seizure with the costs involved and another 6 points, a third time seizure and sale of the car at auction and a 5 year ban, when the ban is over give a provisional license, therefore the offender would have  to have driving lessons as well as be made to  attend road safety classes (not like the ones we have now they are useless) and have to pass an extended test. If caught again after all this then a much longer ban would  be necessary.

I can hear you saying “crikey thats a bit harsh” would you say that if your mum, dad, brother, sister, or other family member or friend was killed or injured as a result of phone use whilst driving? no i didn’t think so.

My reasoning behind this is , if you take a persons car away and their license for a period of time even a short period they will be far far more inconvenienced than just having points and a fine, this means nothing to some people, of course they would moan a bit but soon forget and then reoffend but possibly with dire consequences. Lets make them walk, wait for a bus in the rain  or train, or pay for taxi,s that,s inconvenience to a driver!!!

What right do you have to put me and every one else in danger? answer: NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER.

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