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White Lines

You may have noticed how the road markings are slowly but surely disappearing from our roads due to wear and tear. It is obvious that the county council either do not know, and do not care that as a result of this wear and tear our roads are becoming more dangerous day by day. Take […]

latest punishment for phone use in vehicles

Although it is a good thing to move in the direction of higher penalties especially for phone use while driving, in my view we need to be even tougher. I have seen some very vivid photographs of crashes caused as a result of either talking on the phone or texting whilst driving and they make […]

Autumn Driving

Now the summer is almost over and Autumn is rearing its head Winter will not be far behind, where does the time go. It is however time to take more care with our driving from the perpetual potholes to the leaves that are about cover the roads. It is time to check those wiper blades […]

Changes to the driving test

DVSA wants to make sure the test better assesses a driver’s ability to drive safely and independently in modern driving conditions. So there is yet another consultation taking place at god knows what cost to see what we the instructors think of the new proposals. I don,t know why they bother they haven,t taken any […]

Driver distraction app coming.

The DIA have teamed up with tyre giant Goodyear to launch a VR 360-degree gaming app to make young drivers aware of the extreme dangers of driver distraction. The Driving Academy app utilises the Google Cardboard to create a realistic situation involving distractions one can encounter when behind the wheel. By rotating your head, the […]

Deaths caused by potholes, how much more evidence do we need to prove that the authorities just DONT care about road safety.

Pothole-ridden roads claims second cycling victim this year Tuesday, April 5, 2016 An 83-year-old cyclist who suffered serious head injuries in a fall from his bike after striking a pothole on a busy main road, has died, it’s been confirmed. Roger Hamer, of Manchester Road, Ramsbottom, died at Salford Royal at 12.45pm on Sunday, April […]

Dangerous Potholes in Hastings

  Pothole damage hits 6m drivers Wednesday, March 23, 2016 Repair bills have hit over six million UK drivers in 2015 thanks to potholes. Research from car repair company Kwik Fit found that over last year, 6.3m drivers had damage from hitting potholes totalling £684m in bills – an average £108.60 for repairs to tyres, […]

Safety Post Driving Test

I have just helped out at the scene of an accident involving a motorcycle and a car. The young man laying on the ground with his shin bone broken and pushed through his flesh and indeed right through his jeans was very frightened of what was happening  and about to happen to him. As i […]

Mobile use while driving

Why oh Why do some drivers still use mobile phones while driving. How on earth can you be in control of a vehicle when using a mobile, and texting. Show some common sense and pull up at the side of the road to use the phone. What gives them the right to put the rest […]